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Manna Health has been a trusted partner in the health supplement market for many years with a philosophy rooted in producing natural, organic and high quality supplements. Whether you have high cholesterol, diabetes, menopause or are battling to lose weight, there is something in our product range for you.

Getting your health back on track is easy with our quality and regulated products. Browse through our range of supplements, available online for your convenience.

Featured Products

Manna Blood Sugar Support

Uniquely formulated Manna Blood Sugar Support will help you maintain even blood sugar levels.

Manna Low GI Shake

Low GI Shake helps control food cravings and slows the uptake of sugar into the blood stream.

Manna Menopause Support

Menopause Support helps reduce menopause symptoms in a natural way with no side effects.


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What our customers think

“I'm so glad I spoke to Paul about Manna Health Products! We are both diabetic, and I've found that the products work for me just as Paul said they are working for him!”
Sara Johnson
"The Manna products are awesome! I wish I had started using them years ago! Paul has helped me a lot, making sure I get the right products. I recommend him AND MannaPlus!"
John Milton
Looca CTO
"I have been a Type-2 diabetic for over 50 years. Since I took Paul's advice and started using Manna products, I've seen a marked improvement in my overall health. My libido has improved and I've lost the sugar cravings.”
Ben Lourenson
GGO Founder

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