Your Secure BizHub Ewallet

How to Use Your Ewallet.

TeraWallet allows BizHub customers and merchants to store their money in a secure digital wallet in their private accounts.

Customers can use the wallet money to purchase products from merchants in the BizHub Mall.

Customers can add money to their wallets using various payment methods set by BizHub admin.

Admin can set cashback rules according to cart price or product. Customers will receive their cashback amount in their wallet account.
Admin can process refunds to customers' wallets.

Loyalty Points earned in the BizHub Loyalty Program, that everyone qualifies for, are paid into the recipients' ewallets for spending in the BizHub merchants' shops.

On the front-end, customers can log in to the store and go to their wallet page from "My Account". Click "Wallet topup" and add funds from your bank account to spend in the mall.

When making a purchase in our mall, at the Checkout page, choose to pay with your ewallet, just like any other product purchase.

With this extension, BizHub customers won’t have to fill in their payment details every time they buy.

They can simply log in and pay for products using their wallet money.

Customers will also earn cashback in their wallets from the BizHub Loyalty Program.


● The BizHub Wallet system works just like any other payment method.

● BizHub customers can use various payment methods to add money to their wallets.

● Customers who subscribe to our Profits4Us Affiliate Program will earn cashback when they bring new subscribers into the BizHub Training Center & Profits4Us Affiliate Program.

● Customers can make partial payments if they have insufficient funds in their ewallets.

● They can top-up and pay the balance before the goods are delivered.

● Cashback amounts are calculated as percentages.

● Customers receive email notifications for every wallet transaction they make.

● Users can transfer money from their ewallets to other users’ ewallets.


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