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Attraction Marketing Surveys & Videos (AMSAV) is a Sales Video Production Company that uses VIDEO as the VEHICLE through which Paul von Wildenrath, our Founder and CEO, can offer his sales and marketing skills to businesspeople and entrepreneurs who have goods to sell, but who either hate selling, can’t sell or who fear rejection and public speaking.

Paul has met thousands of people with this problem during his 50-year selling career.
He realised that because so many people need his help, he had to do something about it. 
And so AMSAV was born!

Well, the response has been overwhelming! The list of AMSAV products and services is growing, thanks to the good wishes and the positive feedback we have received from so many grateful customers. These have resulted in many more options being added to our list of products and services, making us a fully-fledged, one-stop sales video production company – and more!

Our INTERACTIVE VIDEOS are our primary product and are designed to work in conjunction with our customised surveys and our management and video editing services to provide an all-round, professional “Super Video Salesman” who works for you non-stop, for the price of 1 month’s salary – or even less!

These videos can generate leads, weed out the non-buyers, do a presentation, make a sale, close the deal, and even get payment made, directly into your bank account! ALL on autopilot!

Check out our range on the Surveys & Videos page.

You will see as you navigate our web site, that we have survey and video products for sale AND for rent.

We also offer 6 training courses with more to come; we have discounted bundles; and we have included Paul’s web design and proofreading skills to help people present more professional web sites, ads, documents and visuals.

Everyone we talk to has never heard of an Interactive Video!

So I created a video to explain the difference between Ordinary Videos and Interactive Videos, what it takes to create them, their costs, and the extra features and benefits we build into our AMSAV Sales Videos, that no other company does! 

And here it is!

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Watch all the videos on this web site to see the many different video types and special effects we can offer to help grow your business and your income. We can lighten your workload and increase your profitability! Hover your mouse over "Surveys & Videos" in the top menu and choose a category from the "Examples" drop down menu.

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